Cremation Services

Honor your loved one through a variety of personalized cremation services.

Carry On Their Memory with Unique Cremation Options.

Cremation services allow families to choose from a variety of options that are appropriate for them, providing both value and personalization.  Many families choose to honor a loved one’s life, journey, and memory through a customized funeral or memorial service, called ShareLife®. These celebratory experiences create an unforgettable remembrance event for family and friends in need of hope and healing.

In addition, families may desire to choose scattering options through Carter-Trent’s “Settings with Significance.”  Family members choose a special resting place for their loved one’s remains that mirrors his or her unique passion in life. Options include:

·      Forever Amongst the Waves

·      Eternity at the Holy Land

·      A Living Remembrance Tree Planting

·      Reach for the Stars

For more information about Settings with Significance, click here.