Custom Memorial Services

Bring your loved one's unique story to life through ShareLife®.

When it’s time to remember your loved one, Carter-Trent Funeral Homes in Kingsport, Church Hill, and Scott County,VA is the area’s only place to offer families ShareLife®, a truly unique way for you to recreate the special story of your loved one, using sight, scent and sound. Gathering in a room devoted exclusively for your remembrance, you can use ShareLife’s large projection screen to display photos or scenes that recreate some of your best memories together. Then, add music, sound effects and scents to enhance the experience, helping you and family members recall the good times you shared together. ShareLife allows you to personalize the funeral setting and celebrate a life well lived, making your remembrance one-of-a-kind…just like your loved one.

A Unique Experience... Meaningful Memories

ShareLife® helps you to make the unique story of your loved one the center of your remembrance by creating an engaging experience.

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Share your favorite memories.

You can showcase your loved one's life in a special setting. A large projection screen provides a memorable backdrop for photos or recreates outdoor settings that showcase your loved one's life...without the cost or weather uncertainties of an outdoor destination.

One-of-a-kind sounds and scent.

When you personalize your setting with sounds and scents, you bring your best family memories to life. A visual of waves crashing at the beach pair with the smell of fresh, salty air and the sounds of seagulls and surf to take you back to the special places you shared together. Or a patriotic theme can highlight your loved one’s values and devotion to country.

Create a mood with music.

Music enhances memories. Imagine comforting your family by playing music that meant something special to your loved one. Whether you bring in CDs or a musician and soloist, music can provide the perfect background to bring back special memories.

Customize a Reception that Reflects Their Joy in Life.

What brings your loved one joy? Gardening, hiking, vacationing at the beach? Whatever their passion, you have the opportunity to extend your ShareLife remembrance event into a time of food and sharing, allowing guests to honor your loved one in an inspired event celebration with catering. These receptions are uniquely themed around the life story of the person being remembered, and typically take place on site at Carter-Trent Funeral Homes or at other locations requested by the family.

Someone to guide you.

A trained Celebrant will lead your service and guide you in creating a remembrance service that is filled with meaning and purpose, incorporating your family’s community of faith.

Choosing the one-of-a-kind options that ShareLife® offers at Carter-Trent Funeral Homes Kingsport - Church Hill - Scott Co.,VA offers you the opportunity to share memories of your loved one, paying a tribute that will be remembered. Contact us for more information.