Sharing Memories

Celebrate your loved one by sharing your greatest moments together.

Preserve your best memories by creating unforgettable tributes with your own photos, videos, and keepsakes.

Celebrate Their Life with a Tribute Video.

Relive the greatest moments of your loved one’s life by creating a beautiful tribute video with photos collected over the years. Family and friends can enjoy your loved one’s most special life memories by viewing the tribute video at the funeral or memorial service. After the service, Carter-Trent Funeral Homes can make copies for family and friends to enjoy through the years. 

Create Timeless Treasures. Preserve Their Memory.

What is it you want people to remember about your loved one? Personalized printing allows you to create a beautiful, treasured keepsake to give family and friends to take with them. Use a favorite quote, song, or craft your own message and artfully pair that with some of your favorite photos to create customized items such as bookmarks, prayer cards, service programs, or folders.

Experience Comfort From Family and Friends Through our Memorial Website.

Carter-Trent’s memorial website gives family and friends from all over the world the opportunity to post their stories, memories, thoughts, and condolences to your family instantly, providing great encouragement when you need it most. To view our memorial website, simply click here to see the Tributes page.

Live Funeral Webcasting

Many times family and friends are unable to attend your loved one’s funeral. Funeral webcasting allows relatives and friends from all over the world to be part of the funeral service on their schedule. The funeral can be viewed live on the internet, saved for delayed viewing, or downloaded to DVD.

Learn More about Honoring Your Loved One

You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We’ve got years of experience. Together, we’ll design the perfect memorial or funeral service for your loved one. If you're ready to discuss the options, or simply have questions about our services, please call us at (423) 390-8762, or send us an email inquiry.