Settings with Significance

Honor your loved one in a place of meaning.

Whether it's at sea, in a sacred location, in nature, or even in space, we can help you select just the right permanent resting place for your loved one's cremated remains. The following settings of significance help preserve the environment, while creating the perfect send-off for someone who embraced life to its fullest.

Forever Amongst the Waves
Eternity at the Holyland
A Living Remembrance: Tree Planting
Reach for the Stars

Forever Amongst the Waves

Being one with the ocean is a dream of many who choose this timeless tradition for their loved one. A captain from our trusted provider, Sea Services Maritime Providers, will bring your loved one's remains on an ocean voyage to one of three locations for a final resting place:

  • Fire Island Lighthouse off the New York coastline in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Jupiter Lighthouse off the East Coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Off the California coast in the Pacific Ocean

Your loved one's cremated remains will be scattered in a dignified ceremony within sixty days, weather permitting. As a special keepsake, you'll receive a certificate with the exact coordinates of your loved one's remains.

A price of $275 provides a cost-effective option for becoming part of the eternal cycle of the ocean's waves.

We are pleased to offer custom options for scattering or placement of cremated remains in an area special to you or close to home. Please contact us to discuss other options.

Eternity at the Holyland

A final resting place in the Holyland is a choice that provides serenity and solace. Scattering of the cremated remains in this sacred land allows your loved one to return to his or her spiritual roots.

We will transport the ashes to Israel, where Holyland Ash Scattering provides dignified scattering services year-round, usually planned three to six months after cremation. You can choose one of two options for your loved one's final resting place:

  • Overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the hills of the Holyland, our serene, private Memorial Garden provides a sacred resting place for your loved one’s spirit.
  • In a peaceful return to nature, a certified marine captain will scatter your loved one’s ashes in the Mediterranean Sea, about 500 meters off the coast of Israel.

A free video and certificate of the service will be available to you shortly after the scattering with the time, date and geographical coordinates of your loved one's final resting place.

A price of $750 allows your loved one’s remains to rest with dignity in a place of peace and tranquility.

A Living Remembrance... Tree Planting

Feel the closeness of your loved one's presence when choosing the Spiritree, a biodegradable urn that transforms into a living tree memorial.

This two-piece container has an organic bottom shell that holds the cremated remains along with a protective cover that protects them from the elements. The growing tree naturally breaks down the urn and becomes a living monument to your loved one's remembrance. This environmentally-safe option is perfect for those who are committed to both honoring their loved one and preserving the environment.

A price of $225 provides the option of transforming sadness into the hope of new life.

Reach for the Stars

If your loved one's heart has always been among the stars, we can help you achieve their lifelong dream. With the Celestis option, you can honor your loved one by launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth's orbit, to the lunar surface or into deep space.

Four options are available to help your loved one's spirit soar:

  • Earth Rise Service - After rising at least 62 miles above the Earth's surface, the capsule containing a portion of your loved one's remains comes home to Earth and is returned to you as a keepsake.
  • Earth Orbit Service - As part of a real space mission, a portion of your loved one's remains ride in a commercial or scientific satellite. After orbiting the Earth, it harmlessly vaporizes, making your loved one part of space's final frontier.
  • Luna Service - Imagine looking up every night to see your loved one's final resting place - the moon. With the Luna Service option, your loved one can orbit Earth's nearest neighbor or become a part of the moon's surface.
  • Rocketing into deep space - it’s the most adventurous form of space travel. With this option, your loved one will travel through the universe on a permanent celestial journey. This is a truly unique opportunity for your beloved to become a part of the final frontier.

On launch day, memories of the flight participants' lives are shared at a pre-launch memorial service and preserved on a keepsake video or DVD, which is included in the service.

With the Celestis options, every time you look up at the sky or admire the moon, you'll feel a connection with your loved one. Options for your loved one to reach for the stars begin at $995.